Welcome to Bookbindesigns

by Kevin Noakes

At Bookbindesigns we have over 30 years experience of engraving.

We specialise in designing and engraving bookbinding tools, brass type, pallets, brass rolls and from artworks supplied and bespoke designs.

With our state of the art engraving machines we are able to offer other services such as brass engraving, brass dies for hot foiling, laser engraving, steel dies, wood and any other bespoke engraving you may require.

In addition to the above engraving services, we also produce Makers Mark mallet stamps. These are used mainly on hard leather such as saddles, shoes, belts and any other leather projects you may have.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional high quality products and strive to meet our client’s requirements at all times creating outstanding results.

We offer a wide selection of Hand Tools available in various designs and sizes.

Bookbindesigns decorative Brass Rolls are engraved to the highest standard.

These tools would make a perfect addition to a Bookbinders collection

Bookbindesigns proudly offer unique Designer Sets for Bookbinders.

Bookbindesigns Handle Letters are engraved to a very precise standard.

Bookbindesigns are able to make bespoke bookbinding tools and hand tools.

Here at Bookbindesigns, we manufacture Brass Dies of the highest quality.

Bookbindesigns can offer personalized Makers Mark Stamps.
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