Bookbinding Tools

Bookbinding tools are traditionally  used for decorating the cover and spine of leather books. These tools are heated using a stove and then placed down onto the leather to create a decorative pattern. These bookbinding hand tools can be used with heat to create a blind emboss. Or they can be used with gold leaf or foil to give  the book an impressive gold embossed finish.
There are various types of bookbinding finishing tools these consist of decorative Brass rolls and Brass roll fillets these are used for the edging of a book cover. Brass hand tools are used for decorating the corners and other areas on a book including the spine. The hand tools will make endless pattern configurations depending on the size of the book and the skills of the bookbinder.
Brass pallets consist of a design the same as a brass roll/fillet these are generally  used to decorate  the spine of a book. These pallets can match a brass roll if the same design is being used for the cover and the spine.

Brass handle letters come in various fonts and point sizes these tools will also personalise the book cover and spine.
All bookbinding hand tools are deeply engraved and come complete with wooden handles for ease of use.

Bookbindesigns will be happy to make any custom made hand tools from your artwork, this can be from an old piece of leather that needs to be reproduced  to its former glory,or a sketch, a photo, or digital  file.

Bookbinding hand tools can also be used for other leathercrafts,  glass blowers and glass lamp bead makers.