Makers Mark Stamps

Bookbindesigns can offer personalized Makers Mark Stamps.

Our Makers Mark Stamps are to be used unheated with pressure applied from a mallet this leaves a permanent impression of your personalized design.

They are made from hard brass with a solid brass handle for striking with.

Our brass tools are suitable for use on hard leathers and are mainly used for shoemaking and saddlery work. They can also be used to make lasting impressions on belts, handbags and other projects.

Our personalized custom made tools will make your work stand out!

Your personalized design can also be made into a Hand Tool so that the impression can be made using heat from a gas burner or stove.  Our Hand Tools are made with wooden handles to protect from the heat.

We accept artworks from photographs, pdf, AI, old leather prints or any other digital format.

Please contact us to discuss your size requirements.